We have got expertise in Cloud-based program and project management expertise necessary to be successful. We offer the understanding and qualifications to manage even the most complex programs based on your needs at every stage of the project, end-to-end. We have worked on some of the most successful platforms like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Siebel among others. Our team comprises of expert analysts, developers, project managers, design specialists, testers and support personnel who can make the complex process of business re-engineering a smooth task. So, are you toying with the Idea of making customer-focus as the main driver for your company’s success? Following 7 steps will help you optimize your efforts in this direction:

Step 1: Customer centric approach
  • Inject customer-centricity in your company strategy.
  • Align your whole workforce on this aim.
  • Invite CRM ideas from all corners.

Step 2: The thing called data
  • Keep your customer data up-to-date.
  • Think in segments and distribution lists.
  • Build a stable foundation for your CRM project by bringing all of your current customer contact data, leads, cooperation partners and suppliers together into one central database.

Step 3: The Holistic view
  • Create a 360 degree view of your customers.
  • Save all of your minutes-of-meetings, e-mails, offers, contracts, payment transactions, appointments and complaints in the central customer dossier.
  • Profit from the resulting transparency.

Step 4: Perpetual customer relationships
  • Establish healthy customer relationships based on a comprehensive customer profile.
  • React quickly and suitably to customer enquiries.
  • Generate quotes that meet your customers' exact requirements.
  • Remember to follow-up.

Step 5: The customer's response
  • Surprise and impress your customers.
  • Use the right contact methods.
  • Use distribution lists to target the right people in the right way.
  • Plan and implement multi-phase marketing campaigns.

Step 6: Unlock hidden potential
  • Use key facts and figures as well as existing customer knowledge when making decisions about new products, services or marketing campaigns.
  • Identify sales opportunities and then make good use of them.

Step 7: Choose right CRM platform and technology partners
  • Don’t go for the popular one. Go for the one most appropriate for you
  • Define WHY you need change and WHAT it will bring
  • To get it done, select a technology partner that understands your business just as you do
  • A technology partner doesn’t just understands the requirements but senses the subtle nuances of your systems and processes