QA Testing


We at Primologic Systems, design and deliver contextualized solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets. Impressive results are delivered by combining customer-centric business models, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound comprehension of customers’ goals and challenges


This kind of testing allows automation of a process by means of programmatic scripts. It is the most appropriate type of testing when a product changes often, but has large functionality. Automated testing extends the capabilities of testing team, increasing the efficiency of their work in quality control of the software product under test. Automated testing provides our clients real benefits and optimum results by using our platform for automated web application testing. With our experience in test automation services we provide high quality testing solution to make the project successful. While automating the functional testing of your projects, we are committed to:

  • Perform a selection of test automation tool for system under test
  • Estimate efforts required for the introduction of test automation
  • Develop or recommend the use of a ready framework
  • Develop automated test scripts for the selected tool
  • Design a test data and prepare a reference database
  • Implement a process to run automated tests, upgrade automated test scripts and analyze results
  • Train your experts to make development and support of automation scripts


Primologic team pays attention to functional testing as this type of testing verifies the compliance of developed functions with requirements and specifications, other project documents and simply user's expectations. We have years of experience in providing expert software testing service to different customers. Our specialists test every function of software separately and all functions together. We test individual components and processes before testing the entire application during functional testing. Functional testing holds the key position in the process of developed software products quality assurance.

Installation Testing

IInstallation testing is one of the most important parts of testing activities. Installation is the first user's interaction with your product. It is very important to make sure that user does not face any difficulties while installing the software. Installation testing is aimed to verify the successful installation and upgrade or uninstallation of software. Currently, the installer use is the most common software installation (special programs, which also require proper testing). It is even more important now as there are different ways to distribute the software. Instead of traditional method of software distribution in the physical CD format, software can be installed from Internet, from a network location or even it can be pushed to the end user's machine.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a process that is easily adaptable to changes and easily copes with new challenges. People are able to detect hundreds of defect patterns at a glance and instantly distinguish them from minor deviations. Manual testing may seem a simple set of actions, but good manual testing is an interactive, exploratory process. That is why manual testing is better to apply for the entire testing process and automation testing should be focused on stabilized part of testing. We thoroughly study the system under test, develop test plan and define test cases for manual testing. It is very important to specify the minimum number of tests that verify the various options during manual testing. Development of automated tests should start when it is necessary to run tests repeatedly to maintain the stability of the code. Since the development of automated tests affects the resources of the team, it is necessary to take into account the effort required to write automated tests. Software testing automation at low parameters of code updates increases the return on investment, so far as the automated tests are updated less frequently.